Judges 6:11-14

I’m pretty confident when it comes to God, but when it comes to me, most of the time I am scared to death with insecurities. Yet I know the most good comes when people feel the fear and do whatever they have been called to do anyway. The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is full of people who did great things for God in the face of fear, and that is an amazing encouragement.

In my heart it is abundantly clear I have been chosen by God to work in Haiti as a fulltime missionary. And that scares me to death. But I know God has plans for me and my calling greater than any fear I may have. I am the solution to a problem only I can fix. I have tried to step out of the winepress.

Coming to Haiti as an intern after attempting to raise fulltime support has yet again confirmed my calling to live in Haiti, to work with the orphan and vulnerable child, to live the life God has called me to have. But the world has been holding me back. What would happen if I never leave this winepress, not out of my own fear but due to not having the proper support to get myself here? My life would be meaningless. Every day I continue to exist in this winepress, I drift farther away from God and what He has called me to do. How much am I missing each day the world is holding me back? How much of God’s great love are others missing? I want to feel the fear of doing what God has called me to do, not the fear of finding out what happens if I can’t get myself in a place where it is possible.

Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, if you lead me.
I will hold Your people in my heart.


I want to feel the fear of doing what God has called me to do, not the fear of finding out what happens if I don’t listen to His call. If I do not feel the fear and do what He has called me to do, my life is meaningless.


Mock Turtle published one of my poems as Adult second place winner for the Antioch Writer’s Workshop. Also published in the same issue is a photogram entitled ‘Accident’ that I made. Very excited about the double publication!

Mock Turtle Zine

Daily, I twist a valve and let my serotonin flow out onto the floor, an emotional biohazard.
Daily, I brush my teeth but refuse to make eye contact with the foaming rictus in the mirror.
Daily, I take an obscenely cold shower and stand in the jets until I feel completely numb.
Daily, I’ll drive into town, my consumer therapy, and buy something outlandish.
Daily, I water the rosemary on my window sill and feel tired.
Every morning, I wake up to a new ceiling.

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Andrew Ellis is annoying, infuriating, agitating, provoking, engaging, encouraging, and all the things that make a person interesting. His work has appeared in TeenInk, Common Threads, and Ink, Sweat, & Tears (forthcoming). His photography has appeared in Photographer’s Forum. He lives in Ohio, and survives primarily off of Mountain Dew and peanut butter M&Ms.

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Well, I’ve finally decided to create a blog. On here, I will post my work, whether it be poetry, photography, musings, life experience, devotional, etc.

If you are here, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see, and promise that future posts will be more interesting than this!