John 17:20-26

Happy Easter!

God’s grace is amazing, unfathomable, and, simply put, huge. As a people with flaws, how do we receive it? How do we learn to accept that all of our mistakes are wiped clean by God’s sacrifice? Take a minute to think about that God, the one that created our entire existence, the one that sent His Son to die for us. God’s Son… It is hard to comprehend that our sin, our lies, our junk was wiped clean because we were chosen by God.

Read John 17:20-26.


You have been chosen to be shown this amazing love. As long as you accept Christ in your heart, grace will overcome your sins. Please pray for those who are struggling with accepting grace from past sins. Pray for those you haven’t forgiven, that you are given an example through grace of how to forgive.


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