Attitude in Adversity

There is an old saying that goes “attitude determines altitude.” In other words, a positive, faith-filled attitude will cause you to rise higher in life, but a negative, self-critical attitude will only drag you down.


When we face adversity, our attitude affects the outcome. Are we going to treat people right when we are being mistreated? Are we going to stay full of joy even when the bottom falls out? So many people get all bent out of shape and start complaining when things don’t go their way, but that attitude only closes the door to God’s miracle-working power. The Bible says that faith is what pleases God. Understand that He is trying to work on your life. He is trying to prepare you for something better, but you have to stay on His side. You have to stand strong and fight the good fight of faith!

If you are going through a difficult time today, I encourage you to keep an attitude of faith and expectancy. Start thanking God for bringing you trough to the other side, even before you see where that other side is. As you stand strong, you will rise higher. You will come out stronger and wiser. You will continue moving forward in the abundant life God has for you!