Procuring Partiality over Siblings, A Look at the Parable of the Prodigal Family in Luke 15:11-32

Within a biblical tradition where the eldest son inherits the birthright of the family, there is little evidence in which this tradition is followed through. This exegetic look at the parable of the prodigal family—often referred to as the prodigal son—that occurs in the canonical gospel of Luke and other passages throughout the Hebrew Scriptures of Genesis will shed light on the idea that the younger sibling frequently outshines their other sibling(s). Thought the means in which each sibling gains this partiality may not be all that good—post-murder, exile, theft—the pattern is still honored throughout biblical history.

Previously, many have looked at this passage of Luke at the stance that the story of the prodigal family reveals the nature of God (the father)—always welcoming back the sinner (the younger son) when they desire the love He offers. Although there are multiple reasons to see this in the text, it is my aim in this paper to show that there is—in the telling of this story to the Pharisees—a well-versed knowledge of the book of Genesis and the historical narrative of the patriarchs of Judaism, as well.

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A poem sprouting from a discussion about the place of trigger warnings in academia and their unwarranted censorship of meaning.

Funny how they exist,
and strange what we can do with them.
After all, some may call me a poet
because occasionally I’ll rhyme
or my verse will be even:
metric or symmetric.
But if I say random words,
would they be my claim to fame?
Like err, e’re, and air—
heir (or their, anyway).
And would they try to decipher my meaning?
And would they find one?
And would it involve love?
(It certainly does now).

In the Cosmos and Depths Our Minds Dwell

In the style of Siwashing It Out Once in Siuslaw Forest and August on Sourdough, A Visit from Dick Brewer by Gary Snyder.


For tonight I kissed the stars amidst a jungle
of comets and moons     wells dug before the Milky Way could walk
I look up and see the smiles of ancient gods
and behind them     their tales and songs
Never more have I wanted to fly     and try as I might
it is not yet time


Into the caverns of the night     we travel
with minds aglow like torches     the flames of old
They spread across the tree limbs     dead
with new life waiting     in the wings


The whole world     the whole galaxy     the whole cosmos is own home
and though we may travel within its veins in search of a place
to rest our heads     we are never alone
with our birthright in the stars above our heads
Each a compass     each a guide to a home
we have yet to dream     simply by being alive

In the Shadows of a Once Existent Wood

A previously published work.


i’m sure
that once,
a long time ago
there were
trees in the view
with leaves of yellow
and green.

i imagine
i can still hear cascades
crashing in the distance,
their crystal water
gleams in the sunlit

the warm sun would have
shown in
through the extinct canopy
and the light would pour
upon the

but now,
the only rays of light come from
the gleaming
stars light years away
and the moon in a cloud-covered
they barely
illuminate the area.

a slight breeze give me
a chill
as it wanders through
my hair,
as i stand
secluded from the rest
of the world
in this once existent wood.


Well, I’ve finally decided to create a blog. On here, I will post my work, whether it be poetry, photography, musings, life experience, devotional, etc.

If you are here, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see, and promise that future posts will be more interesting than this!